We woke up and made our way to Disneyland.  If parking is any indication, today will be a busy day!  When we drove up to the Disney Mickey and Friends parkade, it was closed for everyone except EVs, handicap and oversized vehicles.  In we go – scored!  We may make it to breakfast after all!
Nope, no such luck!  It took longer to find a parking spot than we thought!  Even all 20 EV charging stations were full!   Good problem to have I guess – thankfully we didn’t actually need a charge, that would be unfortunate!
We found a parking spot near the chargers and made our way to breakfast…nope, now it will be lunch…boo!
We made our way to Naples for lunch (or as Ethan used to call it, Boston Ghost) for pizza and salad.  Then we made our way to Disneyland to wade through the rivers of people!
Busiest day today by far, but expected.  Whenever there is a holiday here or a weekend, the park is packed!  Also, it is a nice day here too so that also fills the park.
As we waited for the security check out front Mike made up a song about “Ass Pants” – regarding people wearing leggings for pants and it looked like their butts are their pants (case in point – a lady in front of us).  Well, he kept singing it and finally Amelia said “it really is too bad they legalized marijuana”.  It was the funniest thing!  She is very funny and clever!  What a great combination – I just about peed myself!
Our first ride was Splash Mountain – a 75 minute wait!  Everyone worked on catching up on their journal while we waited in line.  Samantha and Melissa got theirs done (with my help).
Samantha sat in the front of the log.  She and Amelia got soaked!  It is nice though because today is very hot!  It is awesome to feel the sun and the warmth!
It is so hot that we stopped for ice cream!  We all scream for ice cream!  I don’t know how they get their ice cream to stay to frozen – it must by liquid nitrogen!  It is so frozen when you get it that you can’t bite it.  After about 5 minutes it thaws out enough to eat!
Next we waded through the crowds of people to get to Thunder Mountain.  When it is this busy we make sure everyone knows the ride we are going to in case someone gets lost.  The kids are old enough now that this works well.
The wait for Thunder Mountain was long – another 70 minutes.  It makes you really appreciate when it is quiet when we normally come.  We may get in 5 rides today when we can normally cover the whole park.
Over to the Matterhorn next.  The wait for this one was only 30 minutes.  Not long at all.  Woah though – I usually sit in the back car, but today I sat in the front … Was it ever bumpy!  My back couldn’t wait for it to be over!
Over to Toontown next and the Gadget Rollercoaster.  I wanted to go on It’s a Small World, but I was out voted by my traitorous family, so here we are in Toontown.  The wait for even this little roller coaster is 30 minutes although the park does seem to be thinning out slightly.

Next we had to go say hi to Mickey!  Off to his house!  We had a chance to take lots of pictures here and have lots of fun!  We also got to say hi to our buddy, Mickey!


Food next!! The Plaza Hotel for Fried Chicken!  We got a spot to sit inside which was awesome since it is cooling off.  There was a wonderful man working at the Plaza named Moses.  He was so nice – he got Amelia a birthday button, a cupcake and played the harmonica while we sang her happy birthday.  He even gave her a carnation as a present.  She thought it was pretty special.  Gotta love Disney – always going the extra mile!
Our fast passes to Star Tours were finally ready (we got them when we got to the park today), so we went over there next.  Since we were in the area, we also did Autopia.  Melissa drove my car and she did really good.  Samantha got to drive a car on her own ( with dad for autodrive if needed).  Amelia and Ethan got their own cars too.  Quite the little drivers, it must be the trip in the car that helped them out!
Melissa realized when we were getting out of the car, she had forgot her pins in the bathroom.  We ran back there and of course they were gone!  We asked at the store outside the bathroom and someone had turned them in.  She had her pins again!  Only at Disneyland!
Since the park was emptying out, we decided to try to go on Indiana Jones.  We walked over to Adventureland and the wait was only 30 minutes.  Half of us wanted to go to the room and half of us wanted to go on the ride.  Well, Melissa was pretty convincing – she really wanted to go on the ride, so away we went!  The kids got the front row of the Jeep and Ethan even got to drive (complete with his new Indy hat)!
Melissa wanted to go again, but everyone was tired so we decided to pull the plug.  On our way out though we happened to catch the new Light Parade.  It was awesome!  So colourful and full of energy!  We were glad we caught it!
We then caught the tram back to the parking lot.  This is the first time we did this ride ;-).  It was much easier on the feet than walking!  It was fast too.  When we got to the parking lot, the fireworks were on, so we stopped and watched.  They were amazing too!  The parking lot is so close to the fireworks that little pieces of fireworks fell all around you.  They also make the car alarms go off, every night.
I was so happy to see the car and be able to sit down.  It was a great day!  Hello bed!!  Good night all!