Today is our last day at Disneyland before we head home.  We were up early enough today for me to finish some rosaries and to grab some donuts at the hotel.  Then off to breakfast at the Rainforest Cafe.
The parking lot was much emptier today, so parking was not a problem and the park will be much less busy.  On our walk to the restaurant, Mike kept picking up pylons and singing “I like to Move It” and “Let it Go” at the top of his lungs.  There was a tour bus of people going by us – they all looked and clapped.  Amelia said – “It is too bad those pylons are everywhere” and Melissa said “just pretend you don’t know him”.  It wa S really funny!
Breakfast at the Rainforest Cafe is always a treat, so it was awesome that we got to eat here again one last time this trip.  The food was great.  The girls drew pictures and Ethan tested us on the Intergalactic Language he just deciphered by spelling out words for us to guess.
The park we are in for most of the day today is California Adventure.  We went to The Grizzly River Run first, while it is still warm out.  On our way to the ride, we stopped by to take pictures of Soarin’ Over California.  The guy there said – “we are opening tomorrow”…I told him that was too late, our last day is today.  I am excited to go on the new version of this ride – it has been closed for the last two times we have been here, but we will have to wait until next time!
IMG_0057 IMG_0063
We got soaked in Grizzly River run – especially Amelia and me.  Ethan took off his new hat and narrowly missed it getting a good soaking at the last minute! It is good that it is warm out!
After this ride we had to find some band aids for Samantha’s feet (shoes rubbing on the tops), and then over to Paradise Pier with Churros in hand.  We went on the Zepher – this ride is hit and miss depending on the wind.  Very often it is closed.  We then saw the Feliz Navidad parade with big headed St. Nicholas and went on Mickey’s Silly Symphony Swings.  Melissa got to go on a chair all by herself for the first time ever!  She was very excited!  So excited in fact that she dropped her Plaza Cafe pin while riding on the ride.  Luckily she could retrieve it when she was done.
Off to Mickey’s Fun Wheel next.  The car in front of us stopped after one loop as the little girl was terrified/petrified!  This would have been Melissa a few years ago, but now she wants to rock more on the Ferris wheel carts!
We got off just in time to head over to meet the Grattan clans to go on Screamin’ Over California.  The fast pass time was so short, we got fast passes as well.  So when Clint and Patricia got there, we had fast passes and we got in line – two rides for the normal wait of one!  Awesome sauce!
The kids were happy to see their friends and go on some rides!  We went on Screamin’ and then we went on Toy Story (the lineup was super short)!  Ethan and dad got over 190,000 points, but Clint stole the show with 218,000 – which was also the high score of that hour.  Mike said he must be sneaking in the park and practicing – Patricia said he stole all her targets ;-).
We then used our fast passes and went on Screamin’ Over California again!  This ride is awesome and we had so much fun!
We then parted ways with the Grattans as they had plans and we continued on rides.  We went over to Goofy’s Sky School and The Little Mermaid.
Next was dinner, but on the way the girls begged to go on Grizzly Falls – “sure” dad said…so they went, on their own!  They came back soaked!!  That will be cold, especially since the nice hot sun has gone down!  At least we are on the way for dinner, and sitting inside where it is warm!  We went for dinner at Smoke Jumpers Grill.  We had burgers with all the trimmings, they were awesome!  This is always a great place to eat!
Dinner done, we headed to Hollywood Tower to use our fast passes that we got this morning.  We walked right on the ride, into the library and into the elevator!  Love it when a plan comes together!
We then took the kids to draw at the Animation Academy (they love this place), but it was a 30 minute wait, we went to Monsters Inc., but it was temporarily closed so we went to Elsa and Anna’s Snow Fest and played in the snow.  The kids wanted to go tobogganing, but they were making snow and grooming the run, so we just looked around and played in the snow for a bit.  Then we went to draw Minnie!
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Everyone did a great job drawing Minnie!  Then it was time to head to Disneyland to go on Star Tours and the Matterhorn.  When we got to Disneyland, there was a sign at the front entrance saying that Tomorrowland was closed at 5 pm.  Boo!  Ethan really wanted to go on Star Tours.  He worked all night on translating the Intergalactic Alphabet, but he was missing J and Q and wanted to figure them out.  I looked them up online for him since he couldn’t get them from the ride and he was happy.
Why was Tomorrowland closed?  It appeared as though there was a private party for the grand opening of the Star Wars/Avengers HQ and Star Wars theatre and Hyperspace Mountain.  There were spot lights and colour everywhere.  It looked cool, but we were not invited, so off to the Matterhorn instead.
Samantha really wanted to do the Matterhorn at night.  Some rides are better at different times of the day, and this ride is one of them.  It is scarier and funner at night, as is Thunder Mountain, which was our next ride.
The lineups were much shorter now and considerably shorter than yesterday, so we took advantage of it by going on a few more rides.  We went on Pirates of the Caribbean first.  Our boat was soaked when we got in – even the seat!  It made it a bit uncomfortable.  We have never gotten wet on this ride, I wonder what these people did do get it like that?
Our last ride of the trip was Indiana Jones.  As always it was awesome!  Melissa even wanted to go again, but it was getting so late and we still had to pack and get some sleep, so we had to say no.
There were some sad faces as we left the park.  It was a short trip and no one was ready to leave yet.  On the bright side, I reminded them we are back in a few months and that this trip was a bonus trip that we normally wouldn’t have been able to do.  We are so blessed!
We went back to the room and packed up to make the morning tomorrow go more smoothly.
Sleep with dreams and memories of today and our trip so far.  Homeward bound tomorrow!
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