Today we woke up early so we could get to the Rainforest Cafe for breakfast and I got American BACON!

Then we went to California Adventure and went on the Grizzly River Run. I think that me and Samantha got the most wet. Ethan on the other hand got barely got any water on him at all. When we got off we took a picture beside the huge bear and then got a churro by the Little Mermaid ride.

While we were trying to finish the churro we were in the line to go on the zephyr. We went on it second so we would make sure the ride wasn’t closed because of the wind and since it is our last day we want to try to get as many rides as possible.

We want to try to go on Silly Symphony so that’s the ride we went on next. In the middle of the ride Melissa dropped her Minnie pin and it went flying and when we got off the ride we recovered Melissa’s pin.

After the pin incident we went to Mickey’s Fun Wheel and once again we got the rocking gondola but this one moved so much that Melissa offered a barf bag to mom. We got off and went to meet our friends at the roller coaster and went on it once. Next we went on Toy Story I was beside mom and I almost beat her but she beat me by 900 points. Then we went on the roller coaster again with our friends and fast passes.

When we got off the roller coaster, we went to say goodbye to our friends (they were going to supper) and we walked with them until we arrived at Goofy’s Sky School and the Little Mermaid.

Since Sam, Melissa and I were still warm we went on Grizzly River Run with a whole bunch or grownups and we all got soaked! To warm up we went for supper by Soarin’ Over California. It didn’t really work, we were still cold when we walked outside in the dark and we were freezing, so to warm ourselves up some more we went to play in the snow! Then we went to draw Minnie Mouse (her real name is Minerva). Dad thought his was the best but it totally wasn’t.

We went to Disneyland to go on Star Tours, but we couldn’t because of the Star Wars thing that had Tomorrowland closed. Instead we went to the Matterhorn, Pirates of the Caribbean, and our last ride Indiana Jones! Lastly we walked through some stores and went back to the hotel.

I did not like that they didn’t have any thing that was that good in the gift shop so I saved my birthday money for next time. My favourite part of the day was going on Grizzly River Run and getting soaked! I love that ride!

It was a great day!

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