It is always harder to begin the trip home than it was to begin the trip here. Today was no exception! We packed up and packed most of the suitcases into the car last night so that we would be ready to go bright and early. It is easier to pack up the room when you have the whole car to fill vs. having a few suitcases to fill everything into!

We ate breakfast at the hotel this morning so that we could get an early start. The weather looks like it has taken a turn for the worst since we left home, so we want to build in some more time in case we need to take it slower on the drive home. Also, it would be nice to make it home before 3:00 am on Monday morning, which is when we made it here! It will make Monday morning and school that much easier!

Since we charged when we were at Disneyland yesterday, we skipped the charger at Culver City and went right through Los Angeles to Tejon Ranch. It was pretty cool to see the Californian mountains on this stretch of road today since it was dark when we drove this stretch last time. They are quite impressive, but so dry and different than ours. There is almost no vegetation, I wonder if they are always like this, or if it is just because of the extreme drought. They are beautiful either way.


Traffic was much worse this time compared to 3:00 am on a Monday morning though and it took us about an hour more than last time! We saw Six Flags on this part of the drive, it looks like there are over 20 roller coasters! Looks pretty fun and it is only 1.5 hours from Anaheim. We may have to give that a try one of these trips. Some of the roller coasters look pretty epic!

Tejon Ranch is a busy Super Charger during the day. We saw at least 8 Teslas come and go as we charged here. One was black with tinted windows, no license plate and no battery size on the back. A test Tesla vehicle, incognito perhaps? There was also a lady in the yogurt store with a very cool Tesla jacket who most likely worked for the company.


More about the yogurt store – YogurtLand! Yummy! They had all kinds of frozen yogurt! You pick your yogurt, then your fruit toppings, and then your candy toppings. Once you are done you weigh your beautiful creation and eat! It was awesome! A nice way to spend 45 minutes while we charge!


Off to Harris Ranch also known as the smelly charger. Well, on our way out of Tejon Ranch, we made a wrong turn. Mike blamed the navigator, but I don’t remember getting a promotion to navigator from back seat driver ;-). Anyway, this took us 20 minutes out of the way through Bakersfield. We were still okay as far as charge and it took us through miles and miles of orchard fields. There were almond, pistachio and olive trees as well as grapes and oranges. The other thing we noticed were signs and signs all over the place with notices about farms equaling jobs and water being needed to farm. The signs also blamed congress for the drought. It seems like there is a bit of a fight for water. Can’t be good – a taste of things to come I am sure. Water is such a precious resource!


Back onto the I5 like the detour never happened and on to Harris Ranch. As we pulled into Harris Ranch, we noticed an airstrip right up to the restaurant. I never noticed that in the evening last time we were here. Apparently you can fly in, have dinner and fly out. Pretty cool! We stopped and checked out the store and went for a walk while we waited for the charge here. We even bought a bottle of authentic Harris Ranch Chardonnay to take home to try. As we were shopping, we looked up to the balcony of the second floor of the store and saw Mary and Joseph looking over us. I knew they were watching over us on the drive, but now I have proof!


On our drive from Harris Ranch to Mateca, we drove past the actual cattle portion of Harris Ranch. Over 100,000 cattle!! Now I know where the smell came from the other night at the restaurant! You wouldn’t want to live downwind, that is for sure! It was the biggest feedlot I have ever seen – cattle were everywhere! It was interesting to see such a massive working farm.


Back to Manteca and Bass Pro Shops. There were only a couple of Teslas here charging tonight, and no Harrison Ford ;-). The sun is gone for the day, so that is the last of the warm weather for us on this trip L. I will miss you sun! We went for supper here at a sushi restaurant. It was fairly close to the charger and when we went in, it was empty (never a good sign for a restaurant). Once we sat down and ordered though, the restaurant filled up so I didn’t worry so much.   It was actually pretty good, but they didn’t have some of the types of sushi we usually have. No worry, we still found enough to eat and left fed and happy.

Next stop, Corning. This is the longest leg of the whole trip, but it is through the valley and flat. On the way here we made this leg with 7% to spare. That was heading to warmer weather and through a traffic slowdown during rush hour in Sacramento, which conserved energy. Well, the trip to Corning was a different story! With no traffic to contend with, we made good time, but with an energy hit! As we drove we watched our estimated charge at destination drop until we had -1% remaining at destination. This meant that we had 45 miles to go and only enough of a charge to go 33 miles! Mike loves challenges and video games, which mean that we don’t need to slow down, not yet anyway! I think he likes to see me sweat too! He said that we would make it one way or another, either on electrons or on the sweat of us pushing! Nice ;-)!

We did slow down with about 5 miles to go when we were on 0% charge remaining, to about 50 mph and continued that speed until our destination. No point pushing it afterall ;-). Well, we made it thankfully to Corning, on electrons! Yay – no pushing! He makes me crazy ;-)! It makes me wonder how we would do on the Amazing Race – it would make for good TV for sure ;-)!


Bathroom break in Corning at Subway, just minutes before it closed. It was only 8C here – cold compared to Anaheim, and it is only going to get colder! Better find somewhere to change out of shorts back to pants! We stopped here for a full charge since we have an uphill climb to Mt. Shasta and it is getting colder!

Our last leg of the night is from Corning to Mt. Shasta. We will be staying in the wood hotel (as the kids called it) that we stayed in last time. I booked it earlier on our way to Tejon Ranch. I booked it on Expedia and just as I clicked “Book it”, I noticed that I selected the wrong dates! Of course the booking said “no exchanges or refunds”. Really?! Not today!! So I quickly called the hotel, only to hear that I had to call Expedia. Then I called Expedia and they told me they would have to talk to the hotel to see if they would allow the change without a penalty because the room was normally no changes. As I was waiting on hold, I lost them (luckily they had my number and called me back). Well after all of this, they finally called me back to say that they would have to change the room, but they would honour the booking and change it to tonight. Thank you to my Guardian Angel once again!!! Sometimes I am such a scatterbrain!!

So after a 1 hr and 10 minute charge in Corning we were off to scale a mountain or two on our way to Mt. Shasta. There is a 3300 ft elevation change between Corning and Mt. Shasta, which we will feel in range loss. Maybe I should drive since my foot weighs less than Mike’s ;-)?! Here we go to the highest elevation Super Charger on the I5!


We hit some road construction on our drive, which reduced our speed to 55 mph for a while at Oasis, which should help our usage. Every little bit helps! According to the range calculator, at Oasis it estimated we should have 21% remaining at our destination. When we reached Mt. Shasta at 1:00 am, we had 23%. We actually did better than our initial estimation. Nice work Mikey! You get a gold star for energy conservation J!

So glad to be at the hotel two hours sooner than last time! We even had the same room as before. Everyone piled into the king size bed and went right to sleep. Tomorrow our trip will take us back through Oregon, Washington and hopefully into Canada.

I feel spoiled, tonight we should get almost 7 hours of sleep! Night all!